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What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Just like its name, Raspberry Ketones come from actual red raspberries. It is a completely safe and natural phenolic compound produced by raspberries.

In fact, Raspberry ketones are responsible for the aroma which comes from raspberries and is used in many different products such as perfumes, cosmetics, and as a food additive.

How Do Raspberry Ketones Help You Lose Weight?

Lipolysis - Raspberry Ketones induce a process known as Lipolysis which basically tells your body to take fat from a stored state and to convert it into usable energy.

Regulate Adiponectin - Adiponectin is a hormone that helps control fat breakdown in our bodies. According to Dr. Oz, Raspberry Ketones actually regulate this hormone which in turn, aids in weight loss.

The all natural ingredients in RasDiet trigger fat-burning hormones and processes to promote quick weight loss while following the specific 1200-calorie diet plan.

What Is In The RasDiet Supplement?

RasDiet does not require a prescription. RasDiet is an all natural, safe, herbal remedy with a unique formula of 100% natural ingredients that can help you quickly burn off stubborn abnormal fat levels around the hips, thighs, stomach and rear.

Raspberry Ketones - Stimulates the breakdown of fat cells to be used as energy. You would have to eat buckets of red raspberries to get enough ketones that are provided in the RasDiet supplement.


African Mango Extract - This compound has a dramatic effect on weight loss. It increases the bodies metabolism and has been the subject of many successful weight loss studies which have proven its effectiveness.

RasDiet is Dr Endorsed

What Are RasDiet Users Saying?

"I've been on RasDiet for just over two weeks now and have lost 11.5 lbs. I have been watching my carbs like normal and have been getting out to do my morning walks for exercise. I can definitely see results in my belly fat! Its working for me!"

--Rachel Smith - 29 years old - Detroit Michigan

"Hey guys! I ordered Raspberry Ketone about a month ago and so far have lots 13.5lbs and the amazing part is I'm not hungry at all. I've been trying to eat less carbs, mainly sticking to chicken and fish. I gotta say, its working for me. Hope you the RasDiet team keeps routing for me. I have another 17 lbs to go and I'll be at my high school weight!!! Thanks for all the support."

--Michelle Richins - 42 years old - Palm City Florida

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that RasDiet will help you lose weight safely and effectively. We are so confident that we guarantee your satisfaction. If you try RasDiet and find that it does not work to your satisfaction, just contact us within the first 30 days to return the product and receive a 100% money back guarantee.

We do not charge any restocking fees for your return and will issue you a full refund for the price of the RasDiet supplements. We also do not charge any additional membership fees or hidden costs after your purchase.


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